Embryo vitrification is an ultra-rapid freezing method that preserves embryos at extremely low temperatures. This sophisticated technique eliminates the risk of ice crystal formation, ensuring the preservation of the embryos' vitality until they are ready to be used.

Situations Where Embryo Vitrification is Recommended

Embryo vitrification is recommended in several situations, including:

Medical Treatments

For couples facing medical treatments such as chemotherapy, embryo vitrification offers the opportunity to preserve the viability of embryos before treatment, thus preserving their dreams of parenthood.

Choosing the Perfect Timing

Embryo Vitrification provides the freedom to choose the perfect time for conception. Whether for medical reasons, this technique offers valuable flexibility.

Complication Risks

For couples facing risks of complications during natural pregnancy, embryo vitrification can be a recommended option to preserve healthy embryos for future use.

Steps in Embryo Vitrification

Embryo Vitrification includes the following steps:

Ovarian Stimulation and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The woman undergoes controlled ovarian stimulation to encourage the development of an optimal number of eggs. Once mature, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized in the laboratory.

Embryo Culture

The resulting embryos are cultured until they reach the blastocyst stage, allowing for a thorough evaluation of their quality.

The Vitrification Process

The embryos are then subjected to vitrification, an ultra-rapid freezing technique that ensures their preservation without alteration.


Vitrified embryos are stored awaiting future use, providing patients with the flexibility needed to plan their conception.


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