Oocyte vitrification is an ultra-rapid freezing technique that preserves eggs at extremely low temperatures. This advanced method minimizes the risk of ice crystal formation, thus preserving the viability of eggs until they are ready to be used.

Situations where oocyte vitrification is recommended

Oocyte vitrification is recommended in various situations, including:

Medical Treatment Affecting Fertility

Women undergoing medical treatments such as chemotherapy, which may affect ovarian function, can opt for oocyte vitrification to preserve their chances of conception after treatment.

Fertility Preservation

Egg vitrification is particularly recommended for women who wish to preserve their fertility for medical reasons, such as endometriosis or other autoimmune pathologies. It offers the possibility of freezing young and healthy eggs for future use.

The Steps of Oocyte Vitrification

Oocyte Vitrification involves several key steps:

Controlled Ovarian Stimulation

The patient undergoes controlled ovarian stimulation to encourage the development of an optimal number of eggs.

Egg Retrieval

Once the eggs are mature, a follicular puncture is performed to retrieve the eggs.

Vitrification Process

The eggs are rapidly cooled to extremely low temperatures using vitrification, preserving their integrity and fertilization potential.


The vitrified eggs are then stored awaiting future use, when the patient decides to conceive.


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