Intra uterine Insemination (IUI)

Intra uterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), also known as artificial insemination, is a fertility procedure in which carefully prepared sperm is directly deposited into the woman's uterus. This technique aims to bring sperm closer to the egg, thereby increasing the chances of fertilization.

Situations where IUI is recommended

IUI may be recommended in various situations, including:

Unexplained Infertility

When the cause of infertility is not clear, IUI can be a first choice to increase the chances of conception.

Sperm Problems

If the man has mild to moderate issues with sperm quality, mobility, or count, IUI can help overcome these challenges.

Cervical Problems

When cervical mucus is hostile to sperm or when the woman has cervical problems, IUI can bypass these obstacles.

Mild Endometriosis

Women with mild endometriosis can benefit from IUI to increase their chances of conception

Steps of IUI

IUI involves several essential steps:

Ovarian Stimulation

The woman receives medications to stimulate egg production in the ovaries.

Ovulation Monitoring

Ovulation is closely monitored to determine the optimal timing for IUI.

Collection of Sperm

Spermatozoa are prepared in the laboratory to enhance their quality and mobility.


The prepared spermatozoa are gently introduced into the woman's uterus using a thin catheter.

Monitoring and Pregnancy Test

After IUI, the woman is monitored to detect a possible pregnancy.


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