The Impact of Age on Fertility: Debunking an Unavoidable Reality

Fertility, that precious gift, is a complex wonder of our bodies. However, there is one factor that many of us often overlook when considering starting a family: age. Indeed, age plays a crucial role in the ability to conceive, and it is time to demystify the impact of age on fertility.

The Race Against Time

In our quest for personal and professional fulfillment, it’s natural to want to wait for the “perfect moment” to start a family. However, it is essential to
understand that biology does not always follow our timeline.
The truth is that fertility declines with age, and this is true for both men and women. Women are born with a finite number of eggs, and this reserve diminishes over the years. Additionally, egg quality can deteriorate over time, increasing the risk of complications during pregnancy and miscarriage.
In men, although sperm production generally continues throughout life, sperm quality may decline with age. This can lead to difficulty conceiving and increase the risk of genetic disorders in children.